Phendora Garcinia – #1 Weight Loss Pills in South Africa

Last updated on February 5th, 2019

Many people feel that their weight is not according to what they desire. This is why they try Phendora Garcinia to bring down their weight to perfect shape.

From diets to supplements and from morning walks to gym workouts. You may have tried everything to shape your body and give a lean and slim appearance.

According to our research, we found that people try supplements over natural home remedies for ‘quick’ weight loss.

A large percentage of people in the US are overweight with many being heavy enough to be considered obese.

So, it’s clear that something needs to change and this something is trying out fat burners like this one.

Phendora Garcinia is a popular weight loss supplement that can help lose fat and excess weight quickly.

The official site also claims it to be the number one fat burning product in South Africa.

What Is Phendora Garcinia?

This is a weight loss supplement that uses the well-known and clinically tested weight loss fruit Garcinia Cambogia.

The fruit contains Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) in its rind and is the reason for this supplement’s overwhelming popularity.

This supplement is designed to help suppress your appetite and control your emotional eating problems. This allows you to lose weight without having to spend hours at the gym or radically change your diet.

How Does Phendora Garcinia Cambogia Work For Weight Loss?

According to the official website, Garcinia Cambogia plays an active role in bringing down and maintaining healthy fat content.

The HCA, on the other hand, helps in healthy blood circulation that can raise the energy levels in the body.

Garcinia with 60% HCA can help in two ways: Hunger Suppression and Block Fat Formation.

The natural fruit can help to suppress appetite by keeping the user full for a long time. This helps in blocking the fat consumption in the body resulting in lesser calorie production. With such effects, it can help reduce the hunger craves, unwanted munching and emotional eating.

In the same way, HCA can help suppress the stubborn fat to get converted into energy. This increases the body power and blood circulation in the body, strengthening the body’s metabolism. Lesser fat production increases the ratio of calorie burn, preventing body disorders like Obesity.

Benefits Of Phendora Garcinia Weight Loss Pills:

  • Suppresses Your Body’s Fat Production:
    It helps limit your eating habits that can result in reduced consumption of fat. This helps prevent the amount of fat that your body produces and stores.
  • Helps Quickly Boost Weight Loss:
    When you start taking this pill, you will eventually feel the reduction of fats in the body. It burns the stubborn fats in the body to give you a well-toned and slim body.
  • Stimulates Natural Metabolic Rate Of The Body:
    This product helps stimulate the body’s natural basal metabolic rate to promote faster fat burn. It means that you end up burning more fat while doing the same exercises as before.
  • Suppresses Your Appetite:
    The pills can reduce urges and cravings in the stomach. When you experience suppressed appetite, then you tend to eat healthy food and avoid unnecessary munching. With this, you help your body with less calorie intake that encourages fat production in the body.
  • Stimulates Serotonin Production:
    It boosts your serotonin levels, improving your mood and increases energy levels in the body. The high level of HCA can help in increasing serotonin production in the body and manages appetite.

Phendora Garcinia Ingredients:

These pills have effective results on people’s body. It tries to bring your weight under control and give you a fat-free body.

This pill contains Garcinia Cambogia with a concentration of 60% HCA.

This concentration has been found to be most effective for weight loss.

Garcinia Cambogia is a small pumpkin shaped fruit. It has several names including Kudam puli, Pot tamarind, Brindleberry, and Malabar tamarind.

According to clinical studies on HCA, this ingredient is a potent appetite suppressant that also suppresses fat production.

This can help in converting fats into energy that improves your stamina and mood.

How Does This Pill Help Suppress Your Appetite?

In Phendora Garcinia, the HCA that is used helps suppress your appetite by boosting the natural production of the neurotransmitter, serotonin. When serotonin levels are elevated, your mood improves which helps improve your control over your eating habits and urges.

Most people struggle with controlling their emotional eating urges due to stress. So, HCA helps reduce cortisol (stress hormone) levels which allow better control your emotional eating.

Benefits Of Phendora Garcinia Pills

However, if combined with a balanced diet and exercise routine, Phendora Garcinia can provide accelerated weight loss results.

How Does This Pill Help Combat Fat Production?

The HCA also works to combat fat production and storage by preventing fatty acid biosynthesis.

This fat producing process converts cytosolic acid (CoA) and citrate into fatty acids with the catalyst Citrate Lyase.

In Phendora Garcinia, the HCA helps inhibit production of Citrate Lyase, which disrupts the production of fat.

Since no new fat is produced, you needn’t change your eating habits or diet to see visible results quickly.

Another advantage of this pill is that HCA helps stabilize cholesterol and blood pressure.

The manufacturer’s website claims about Phendora Garcinia:

  • The first week of use can show 3 kg of weight loss without altering eating and workouts.
  • The first month of use can show 7 kg of weight loss. This is due to the improved fat burn, metabolism and suppressed fat production.
  • Continued use after achieving weight loss goals ensures stabilized results and better control of appetite.

Phendora Garcinia Cambogia Results

The Pros In Buying Phendora Garcinia:

  • Made from an all-natural formula
  • Contains 100% pure Garcinia Cambogia
  • Comes with 60% HCA
  • Helps quickly boost weight loss
  • Improves fat burn process
  • Enhances Mood
  • Stimulates the natural metabolic rate of the body
  • Suppresses your appetite
  • Controls your emotional eating urges
  • Suppresses your body’s fat production
  • Supports your immune system
  • Stimulates serotonin production
  • Suppresses cortisol levels
  • Improves energy levels throughout the day
  • Optimizes blood pressure and cholesterol levels

The Cons In Buying Phendora Garcinia:

  • Has just been launched online recently
  • Is not available in stores yet
  • For 18+ adults only

Side Effects Of Phendora Garcinia:

It is one of the essential parts to know if these pills have any adverse effects on your health?

Even we wanted to know if these pills can cause any temporary or permanent effects on the body?

We found that the makers of this pill claim zero side effects due to the all-natural ingredients used.

These pills can curb your appetite and increases the energy level in the body. This should help keep you encouraged and active throughout the day.

Further, we visited the official site to know the feedback from the users.

We came across customers that didn’t experience any side effects with these pills.

How To Use Phendora Garcinia Pills?

According to the official website, the Phendora Garcinia Pills are available in a 60 capsule bottle.

A single bottle contains a 30-day supply of these pills. So, the daily dosage comes out to two pills a day. You can take the pills at any time of the day.

Apart from that, make sure you drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.

Also, avoid overdosing on these pills. This is because it can end up with a bout of constipation if you take too many.

Who Can Use This Weight-Loss Supplement?

These pills are for the people who are looking for a way to lose weight quickly and safely.

It helps with weight loss without going to the gym as it suppresses your cravings and other eating habits.

If you are health conscious, then these pills can help you in keeping your body lean and fit. This dietary supplement can give you the looks of celebrities that you always dreamt off.

Before starting using this supplement, you should keep these things in mind.

These diet pills are for adults looking for weight loss, increased energy levels, reduced cravings and fat burn. So better keep children away from this supplement.

Precautions Before Using Phendora Garcinia

Many other sites only review products and give sales pitches. But they often fail to address the important details that can be useful to potential buyers.

You should also keep these things in the mind as a precaution before using Phendora Garcinia:

  • Medical Prescription:
    The manufacturers of these pills claim that you can use this product without a doctor’s prescription. They state that the pills have natural ingredients which provide good results without causing any side-effects.
  • Health Issues:
    If you are going through any kind of medical health issues then we suggest you talk to your doctor first. If you are allergic and have sensitive body functioning, do the same.
  • Damaged Product:
    There are times when you receive damaged products. If you come across this problem, call on the customer care number for bottle replacement. And for broken seals or damaged bottles, you can also ask for the replacement or refund.
  • No Over-Dosing:
    This is essential for you to know that no supplements can give you faster results by taking more of them. So better take these pills according to the recommended dosage to enjoy good results.

Phendora Garcinia Customer Reviews

Looking at the official webpage and online forums, customers seem satisfied with this product.

The manufacturers have displayed the before and after pictures shared by their happy customers as proof.

Some of the users claim that they experienced a major weight loss in just a few weeks.

They also experienced the increase in their energy levels that helped them to be active and positive throughout the day.

So, if you are looking for a quality fat loss pill, I recommend you try Phendora Garcinia.

How To Get Phendora Garcinia Cambogia Pills?

This fat burner is currently only available online.

According to the official website, purchasing this pill from the manufacturer’s website brings you the risk-free trial offer.

With this trial offer, you only have to pay for shipping and handling up front. And the delivery only takes a few days to reach your provided address.

Phendora Garcinia Risk Free Trial

Our Verdict

We took a look at every aspect, possibilities, pros, and cons.

The conclusion is that this is a good side-effect free weight loss product.

Moreover, it is available on a Risk-Free Trial Offer from their official website.

These pills also help with fat burn, reduce craving, increase energy level, and boost serotonin levels in the body.

To prevent and protect from duplicate products, the makers have made their trial offer available on their site.

The Garcinia Cambogia in the product can help in giving a lean and model-like physique that you always desired.

To give your body a look of celebrity, we recommend going for the trial offer of Phendora Garcinia.

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74 Phendora Garcinia User Reviews:

  1. Thanks to phendora garcinia cambogia, I lost 3 lbs in just 2 months. What helped me more that I would like to share with the readers is Daily Workout. Thanks to my gym trainer, because of him and phendora garcinia I could lose 3lbs. Love Love Love

  2. This garcinia cambogia product is so effective and useful. I don’t remember if these pills could affect negatively. I could rate this product 4 out of 5.

  3. Phendora Garcinia for me is the best weight loss product available today, all thanks to pure garcinia cambogia present in it. These garcinia pills have helped me in curbing my cravings. Thank a lot

  4. Thanks Phendora garcinia to boost my metabolism and performance in the safest way. I am glad my body is hydrating better than before.

  5. I am so happy to see my performance levels improving in the most safest way! These pills are really helpful and safe. Hoping to see fat loss soon.

  6. These garcinia cambogia pills are really good and cause no side-effects. I am using it for 4 months now and I can see satisfying results with the help of this product. Thanks a lot people.

  7. Phendora Garcinia Cambogia was suggested by my friend that was concerned towards my ever-growing fat and weight. He literally got me this product and ordered me to use them with no option and workout every day. I finally agreed and started doing a workout while taking this product every day.
    What I noticed after giving a month to this product is, these pills are good with energy increment. They can help you to increase the body power that helps you to hit the gym harder. Second, the pills are mood enhancers. This helped me with emotional eating. Thus, after a month, there is an improvement in my physical performance, eating and mood. Really, in love with this product.

  8. Phendora Garcinia has good effects when it comes to appetite suppression as well as keep you full for a longer duration. No doubt, I am yet to notice weight loss, but the way these pills curb my hunger is like W-O-W. No side-effects no added chemicals makes this product more effective. Hoping to see the excess weight and fat loss!

  9. I lost 4lbs in 5 months with phendora garcinia and I cant express how happy I am after using this product. Really.. worth buying and using <3

  10. The s/h of this product is good and fast. I got my product so earlier, really wasn’t expecting that. I hope the product is as good as its shipping service.

  11. I had read about garcinia cambogia before and its effects on weight loss and appetite. I was expecting same for phendora garcinia and I could see the results. these pills can help you with fat loss by blocking fat production in the body, i.e. appetite suppression and boosts metabolism. I could notice the same and lost 2 lbs safely. Thanks phendora garcinia!

  12. This product is good when it comes to energy increase and performance improvement. I have been using for 2 weeks now and I can already notice the rise in my energy levels that help me to stay longer in the gym and lift weights.

  13. This Phendora Garcinia is one of the most effective garcinia pills I have used. I only came across this product because my old product was no longer being sold. After reading a few online reviews on this, I decided to buy it and give it a go.

    And after trying it for the past four months, I have found that this is as good as my original weight loss pill. But the advantage of this one is that it provides a trial for first-time users. A great option for people who aren’t sure if this is for them.

  14. I have enjoyed the fat loss that Phendora Garcinia has provided me over the past month. I also plan to keep using it for further fat loss.

  15. Phendora Garcinia is one of the quality garcinia pills in the market. I was shown this product by my sister who got me on this product. And in the first month, I had already lost over 4 pounds without changing my workout and food habits.

  16. I recommend Phendora Garcinia to any women who want to burn fat and get slim. It’s not an instant fat burner like some others claim. However, if you are looking for guaranteed results within a few weeks/months, this is it. Still, I suggest to try it first and if it works for you, buy it after.

  17. Nutralu garcinia is really the pills I was looking for! Not only these capsules used to reduce my appetite but it also used to make my day. As in, it kept me in good mood throughout the day. Thanks for helping me out.

  18. These Phendora garcinia pills are good but they can be better in terms of giving results a bit quicker. I feel these pills need more modification, although they are nice and safe to use.

  19. Phendora Garcinia I started using when my friend suggested me to try for fat loss. After using this for quite a few weeks now I can say that these pills helped me lose 3lbs. Thanks for that. Though I was expecting these pills to give faster results, I am a bit relieved watching my weight loss. Satisfied customer.

  20. I am using this product for a while now and I feel the phendora is helpful. Although I haven’t seen any major weight loss, I’ve noticed my workout performance and energy levels increase.

  21. These garcinia cambogia pills are good. I must say this article covers all the aspects that can be helpful for others. Good work guys!

  22. Very impressed with the kind of service this brand gave to me. The delivery of my Nutralu Garcinia was done two days prior to the date, I had been expecting the package.

  23. My emotional eating has gone down and I guess this is because of this product. Thanks a lot for helping me control my bingeing.

  24. Phendora Garcinia can be the effective weight loss pills for me. So good to consume and gives effective results. It only 2 weeks now and I can feel the good energy to me. Hoping a good change in me and some major fat loss in me.

  25. I am so happy with the results Phendora Garcinia has shown to me. I was always worried about my unhealthy eating habits but I feel now it has grown short now and has started eating less. Thank you so much. Awaiting my 2nd bottle to come and giver me some more good results.

  26. I’m glad that my husband gifted me these weight loss pills. So happy with how these pills helped me with gaining my stamina and losing my fat. good that I’m gaining my power levels back helping me to multi-task my dreams and reality. Thanks Phendora Garcinia to open my eyes and motivate me to lose weight.

  27. I’m very happy with results these pills have shown to me. Can’t believe it actually curbed my craving for chocolates. Thanks Phendora for such effective pills. Waiting for my next bottle.

  28. I used to crave madly for pizza. I literally used to eat pizza alternate days and sometimes daily. My bf suggested me to consume these pills for better results. I ordered and start consuming these pills and after few days I couldn’t eat pizza. Though I crave for it but I the feeling of fullness and heaviness didn’t allow me to eat. So happy with such results. Hope it does more with me so that I could reduce eating pizza or any other junk.

  29. I was very upset with my weight gain and continuous crave for junk food. My gym trainer suggested me to try phendora garcinia for better results. I was shocked to see that these pills reduced my appetite and I crave less for junk. Thanks makers for such effective pills, hope it helps reduce my weight.

  30. I was very stressed because of my constant weight gain. But luckily I got to know about phendora garcinia from my mother in law. She suggested to consume these pills and I agreed to her. After consuming for few weeks, I can say that I have become more active and energetic compared to what I was. This makes me work efficiently in the gym, home and at work. Thanks to these dietary pills but I’ll be happier if it loses my weight too.

  31. I started consuming these capsules because my wife and kids wanted me to lose some fats. I had a good amount of fats near my belly and thighs. I was not as good in gym sessions but after taking these dietary pills, I felt that my gym sessions are going good and strong. My gym trainer is quite shocked with my hard work. Though I haven’t seen any fat reduction but I guess it will help me in future.

  32. I’m so happy with the kind of pills Phendora Garcinia has! Though the delivery was a bit late but the delivery guy was apologetic and hot so it managed me to cool down. After using these pills for some time, I can notice a good increase in my energy level which helped me to work out smoothly. Thanks guys for such good pills, I’d be happier if you share the delivery guy’s name and number! 😛

  33. I started consuming phendora when my bf complained me about my fatty thighs. He asked me to get my health under control as I was losing my beautiful appearance. I took that seriously and ordered this product. I was skeptical to use this product as I had never used any dietary product. I started using Phendora G and waited for few days to bring some change in me. But it didn’t! Maybe I am expecting more from this pill. Hope it works best for me in future.

  34. I was very unhappy with my heavy weight and fat around arms, belly, thighs and bottom. I started using these pills when my friend suggested me to use Phendora. When I started using this pill, I experienced that I was gaining energy that helped me to walk and work after compared to my slow days. Good to see such effects on me. Hope it reduces my weight and fats soon. Its just 1 week of using this pill and cant be more happier than looking at this.

  35. My bottom was growing ridiculously and I had no answer for this. I started using this product in a hope that would decrease my fats. Till now I had not seen any change in me, maybe I feel it is taking a good time in me that can result in fat loss. I have started jogging too. Let’s hope that it works for me.

  36. I’ve been using this product for a while now and I can see the good difference in me. I can feel good energy in me that makes me feel good and positive whole day. Thanks Phendora Garcinia for making me energetic. Hope I lose some fats too.

  37. I took Phendora Garcinia as I was feeling that my lower body was growing with fat and it embarrassed me a lot. I used to work out but it never showed me the kind of results that I was expecting. My colleague suggested me Phendora for fat burn. I ordered one for me and started consuming. After a month, I felt that my fat around thigh and bottom reducing and I could make out the difference. I worked out too and this pill helped me in gaining and increasing more energy. So happy with such outcomes, I hope it brings good more change in me.

  38. These pills have reduced my fats around my belly in such a good way. Cant express my feelings! My tummy has gone down and it’s becoming lean like my younger day. Cant be happier than this. Trying Nutural garcinia was worth it. I’m gonna gift my best friend, these pills as a birthday gift. He too needs to drop some fats and weight!

  39. I experienced a major weight gain post delivery and I was helpless as I couldn’t stop the growth in fat. I was very upset to see such bad and heavy changes in me and I decided to do something to get myself fit and lean. I joined the gym to make sure I get my fats burns asap but the lack of energy in me never allowed me to work efficiently. My gym trainer suggested me to try Phendora Garcinia that would help increase your stamina that would allow you to workout in the best way possible. I had never ever tried any supplementary product before so I was scared if this product would cause me any side-effects. I searched and read various articles on this product which ultimately gave me the assured that it doesn’t cause any side effects. I started taking and to be very honest, I didn’t find that good in starting, maybe I had huge expectations from the pills. But after few days, I felt that I was eating less and was feeling heavy whole day. With this, the pills reduced my appetite and craving for food. I was hitting the gym far better than the days I used to do without taking pills. With this, my energy levels had gone up too. It was worth using this pill.

  40. I suggest everyone to use this pills as it decreases your weight. Yes! it does and I can be the best example of it. Lost 10lbs in just a month and it increases your energy too. I can feel that I have become more active and happy. Thanks, Phendora Garcinia to help me out with this problem. Lots of Love <3

  41. I was seriously looking for some fat burning supplements until I came across this pill. Without doubting more, I ordered them and started using them. To my surprise I saw that my urges to eat extra was gone, like no snacks, no junk food nothing as my tummy remained heavy all day. As well as my gym sessions made my fats to burn fasters as it increased my energy and stamina. Pretty good man! Glad I came across Phendora Garcinia.

  42. I seriously recommend this pills to the people around the globe. So good to see that my appetite has gone so down and I don’t feel like eating pudding more often. Thanks, NG to give me such change in me.

  43. Upset with such late delivery of the product but happy with good results. Though didn’t expect changes in me in 1st few weeks but it did. I eat less now. Good to see that I eat healthy and limited.

  44. Good capsules to try. Seriously, as I was looking for pills that would reduce my appetite that might keep my weight in control. Though I am not that heavy but I’m very health conscious and to remain fit and lean is my ultimate goal. When I started using this pill, I didn’t find any changes in me until this pill actually started working. After 2 days of using this pills, I felt that I was eating less after my main meals as well as Whenever, I eat my lunch or dinner, I had less compared to what I used to eat. I was happy with the results and now I have ordered my 2nd bottle and waiting for it.

  45. My relative suggested me to try this product to reduce your cravings. I had very bad habits to eat pastries every day. Because of this, I was gaining more weight but I was sleepless, I so wanted pastries. I started using nutralu garcinia and guess what it lowered my cravings, I mean wow man! absolutely shocked at such thing. I used to feel heaviness whole day that didn’t allow me to eat any more pastries or any desserts. God bless you makers!

  46. I took nutralu garcinia as an experiment to see if this pill can actually work or not! When I started using this, I felt that my food cravings and urges have become less. which leads me to eat less. I hope this brings my weight down to 145lbs.

  47. I took this pill in the hope that I will lose my belly fats, but I still can’t believe that nutralu garcinia not only sheds some fats from belly but also from my thigh area, and from my arms. I don’t know it because of pills or my gym workouts but I must say it actually worked for me. So far so good. hope to experience weight loss too! I don’t even know if I had weight loss or not as I haven’t check my weight recently.

  48. I’ve started trusting, nutrula garcinia. really! I experienced that I remained in good mood and I’ve a good energy level in the body that helps in focusing more on my work. It also reduces your appetite and lessers your food intake. Wow! truly, I’m getting this again, for sure. Thanks, nutrual.

  49. This product did not make me feel for what I took this pills, but I took it for more than 4 days and did not see the effects or notice a change. How does it work for other people, and why it’s not helping me? Please help me out!

    • Hello Leo Nancy Reder,

      Supplements can take time to show results. I would suggest you use these pills for a month or two to notice visible weight loss.
      Also, it helps speed up the weight loss if you follow a nutritional diet along with regular workout.


  50. It feels good after taking this pills! my energy levels have started increasing and my food intake have gone down. Really happy to see such results.

  51. I think it’s helping me out, but I can’t find any results coming out as shown in this article? I have been taking it for a week now, how long do I have to wait?

  52. Hello, My name is Jaime and today I would like to share my experience with you all by giving my feedback on Nutralu Garcinia. when I received the bottle a few days back and started the using this from the same day itself. the 1st few days, I felt nothing but after that, I felt that my urge to eat food got lowered and not only for food but it got for fast food too!
    Basically, I’m a fast food lover and my half of the life depends on fast and junk foods. Those junk food has now created lots of fats in me. As my urges have gone down, I feel less necessary to eat those food items. Really Happy to get this product, I guess I have started losing my weight too! I hope it has shed some of my fats.

  53. Nutralu Garcinia has helped to reduce my appetite and cravings for my favourite food items. I have not yet lost much weight but I will keep trying with my diet plan and exercises, I hope it works and gives me a fat-free body.

  54. Very satisfied with this product. It has helped me to feel satisfied with less food intake and lowered my eating urges which I used to have once. I’ve been dropping my weight I guess. I feel like I have shed 2-3lbs, I have got checked, I hope it the numbers are more than this. Too good to use and I recommend people too to use this product and experience the change in you.

  55. I must say that this product can help you with the fat burn! It has given me that boost that helps me to exercise efficiently and complete my workout sessions. Fat burning is not so easy like how people say that it is, but nutralu garcinia helped me to get my weight down. I really suggest people try this product! Can’t wait to order my 2nd bottle.

  56. I felt that the quality of the product is very good that comes at affordable price. I have started losing weight I guess. In love with this product!

  57. My Nutralu Garcinia arrived quickly and securely. I did my research on this product and started using these pills and felt that it does blocks carbs and reduce craving as written. After a week taking 3 pills an hour before meals, with no exercise and no change in diet plans I found that I was keeping a good and pleasant mood, I wasn’t that hungry, I didn’t crave for food. I hope it reduces my weight in some days or week. I am really looking forward for some good weight loss and fat burn in me.

  58. I was losing my energy level badly and somewhere I sensed it was because of my weight. Though I was not that heavy than many other people, but somewhere my excess fats near my belly and thigh area were the root cause of my lack of energy. I came across Nutrula Garcinia through my office colleague who suggested me to try this pill. I wasn’t sure to try them or not as I rarely take any medicines. I gave a try and expected to have some benefits for me. 1st few weeks it didn’t show any changes but after that, I saw that I was losing some weight and my appetite was getting in control. Due to the weight loss, I felt like I have better energy levels. Hope to gain more energy through this pill.

  59. I came across this product a week back when I was upset with my ever-growing weight. So I was searching various ways to cut the fats off from the body. while reading many different ways and looking numerous supplements, I came across this pill. I read about this pills and searched more on it as its benefits attracted me a lot. to confirm about this pills, the benefits and ingredients, I read few articles too.
    After I got convinced with the product’s ingredients and benefits, I order this pill from the site. When I gave my details, it showed me to deliver on working days of a week. So, after ordering those pills, I just waited for my product to reach me asap. But after waiting for a whole week, my product didn’t come to me. The technical issue made the delivery of pills late.
    After receiving my pills, I’ve started using them. Though in initial days I couldn’t find any changes, my husband did notice a change in me. He noticed that my munching has got less than before. I didn’t believe on this pills until he told me about this change. I guess the pills targets appetite first! Anyways, I’m looking forward some good weight loss that can make me look young again!

  60. So far it has controlled my appetite which is like a significant improvement for me and in me. Too soon to tell that it will work in the long term, but so far so good. I’m only taking 2, twice a day, rather than the 3 suggested for weight loss and it seems to be working fine.

  61. Good product, energy level are satisfying, and no side effects. so all and all, good product to try out. I received Nutralu Garcinia from my friend as a gift as an indication to lose weight. When I started using, I felt that my mood is in a good mood that helps me to work properly. As well as it helped me to reduce my appetite and now I have very less junk food intake. Really happy with such results.

  62. I’ve been using these weight loss pills for some time now and I’ve lost 14 lbs during this time. I have been doing simple exercises & I’ve made changes to my food intakes too. These pills have helped me to lower my cravings for food and most importantly chocolates, which were the reason for my heavy weight. I’m not having to put in a crazy amount of effort and I am seeing results. So I feel this product is helping me out with my weight plan. Just waiting for my second bottle to get delivered to my home. I recommend people who are looking for reducing your craving and some satisfying fat-loss to try Nutralu Garcinia and wish for them with their desired weight loss.

  63. Bought Nutralu Garcinia because my wife wanted to try something different and natural to lose her weight.
    So far these pills have worked on her appetite and have controlled her craving for food. She has been taking as per the instructions, an hour before eating and ends up being full much quicker. As for losing weight, nothing drastic has been found in her but obviously, weight loss takes a good time to give your body a perfect shape. Seeing how much it works on cravings, I’m sure they’ll work for weight loss in the long run.

  64. My metabolism was really slowing down, but this product helped to get me moving again. It’s definitely worth a try.

  65. I bought this after having my second child, and my appetite was way more than it should be due to the pregnancy and breastfeeding. I ordered Nutralu Garcinia listening from my friend and started taking capsules with my smoothie every morning. I must say this pills actually stop all cravings and now I eat normal sized meals now, and hardly any snacking. I’ve lost more than 15 lbs since I started taking this. Good stuff! really happy with the results.

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